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Rapid Expandable Modular Molding System

REMMS is Seacraft’s Proprietary technology for constructing large composite vessels in modules. The molding system involves composite joint technology combined with sequencing of lay-up, specialized resin systems, and quality control. Expandability, in 3 axis, is achieved by special hull design features (various sizes of vessel hulls can be constructed in modules from a single molding system). One REMMS system produces hulls from 65 ft. to 120 ft. with beams selection from 24 ft. to 30 ft. and variable depths to match. A second REMMS system produces even larger hulls from 120 ft. to 150 ft. with variable beams from 30 ft. to 36 ft. and variable depths.

At this time the REMMS prototype system has produced a 40’ tri hull Patrol Vessel. This current REMMS molding system produces tri-hulls from 32 ft. up to 48 ft. The RAM tri-hull design is patented.

Two Seacraft hull designs, a full displacement and a SeaHusky planning hull, have been modified & digitized for REMMS production. See Pictures of the 40’ tri-hull, 65’ full displacement trawler and smaller versions of the SeaHusky in our products display.

The REMMS system offers Composite Boatyards substantial mold savings as one system replaces the need for a dozen or so unit molds, and provides a vast array of hull sizes to meet their customer’s needs. This technology gives composite shipbuilder, or Countries interested in developing or upgrading composite fishing fleets, a molding system that has built in production efficiencies, quality control in addition to an increased number of different hull sizes to offer their customers.