SeaCraft International

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Company Profile

Since 1999 the company has devoted over $2 million in research and design in the development of an innovative modular molding system for producing various sizes of vessel hulls from a single mold. This system, called the Rapid Expandable Modular Molding System (REMMS) achieves joint strengths that surpass unit construction. The vessel modules are laid up at convenient work-bench levels, under controlled conditions that maintain quality and productivity with open molding, vacuum bagging or closed molding systems. Just two REMMS molds enables shipyards to construct 65' to 150' vessel hulls, thus saving multi millions of dollars in fibreglass moulds. This REMMS system is export ready for technology transfer to countries interested in building their own vessels up to 150' in length. Three vessel designs are available in our REMMS production system; the full displacement hulls from 65' to 120' and 120'-150'; the semi-displacement planning hull for 65'- 120' and the high speed planning hull design in three size ranges .from 32' to 47'; 55’ to 85’ and 85’ to 120’. All REMMS molds are expandable on a 3 axis basis giving variable lengths, widths and depths within each of the 3 mold sets.

At this time Seacraft has just produced a 40 knot Tri- Hull patrol vessel, constructed of Kevlar (pound for pound Kevlar is 6 times as strong as steel) with lexan (bullet resistant) windows for the safety of the crew while carrying out their high speed pursuits. See pictures of our 40’ tri-hull and it’s special patented design features.